The emergence of social networks and messaging apps in recent years has provided an opportunity to grow payments, both peer to peer on the same network, and payment for a plethora of goods and services. The concept of “social payments” has taken off in other parts of the world, with trillions of dollars in transactions flowing through large social networks. In Africa, Cassava is leading the way in this area, and we believe “social payments” is the next wave of mobile money growth. We have developed an integrated social payments platform that leverages our pan-African payments infrastructure and combines social chat and mobile money payments in a single app. Through our super-app, customers are able to chat (text, voice and video) with their friends and relatives, send money, and pay for virtually anything, on the fly. We believe this holds enormous potential to drive digital payments in Africa, given the almost ubiquitous presence of mobile money, and rapid adoption of social media.