Mobile micro insurance product, which pays a funeral benefit upon death of the insured life. For millions in Africa, the pain from the loss of a loved one is further aggravated by the hassle of finding resources to ensure their decent funeral. Being a micro-insurance product, our funeral cover is low-cost, with premiums starting as low as 50 cents per month, and designed to attract the previously excluded. Our funeral product has received awards in some of our markets, with recognition in the area of innovation and adoption.



Moovah is a short-term insurance product that allows you to get cover for your property, vehicles, household contents, personal effects and other assets in a hustle free and convenient way using a mobile phone or web portal.

Life term insurance product whereby an education benefit pay out is made for the duration of a child’s primary or secondary school education (or both) in the event of the death of a parent or legal guardian. Designed for the pre-tertiary education phase, the educational benefit is paid in the form of school fees directly to the beneficiary school until the child completes primary school, high school or drops out or until they pass on whichever comes first.
  • Mobile micro insurance health cover against the cost of diseases and accidents causing injury. It is designed to lighten the financial burden with a guaranteed cash back benefit for each day spent in hospital in the event of hospitalization for more than 72hrs.