Mobile Money

Our integrated platform offers multi-mobile financial services programmes, which depending on the target market, can be tailored to suit banked, unbanked and under-banked customer segments. We offer a rich pipeline of innovative use cases, including micro-loans, micro-savings (for individuals or groups), mobile business wallets, international remittances, and merchant payment solutions.

Our flagship mobile money service, EcoCash, is a recipient of two GSMA GLOMO Awards for Best Mobile Money in the World (2017), and Best Mobile Innovation for Women in Emerging Markets (2018). It has many more awards to its name, and widely considered one of the best mobile money services in the world.

Some of our Awards
Digital banking

Our digital banking solutions enable customers to access the full suite of banking services via their mobile device. We partner with traditional banks, helping them digitize and transform their business models in order to drive financial inclusion, and new products and services delivered through mobile banking channels. Our model is designed to unlock the value that sits at the nexus of mobile money and banking.


We follow a transactional banking model, with the following as key offerings: Micro-loans, Savings, Agent Banking (designed to reach the previously excluded), Device Financing and Diaspora Banking. The Digital Bank’s flagship platform is branded “Square”.


The Square Mobile App is an integrated mobile banking solution that gives customers the ability to transact wherever they are, on services such as bill payments, funds transfer, banking services, nano loans, airtime and so forth. In line with our Diaspora thrust, we have also launched the Square World App, targeting diaspora customers anywhere in the world, offering remittances, and other suite of services as if they were back home.

Payment Services

Cassava offers payment solutions and services targeting financial and retail sector players, and merchants operating in Africa. Payment collection and processing is facilitated through the pan-African Cassava Payment Gateway, with the solution being able to support different channels and markets across the continent. Typical customers for such services include PayTV operators, retailers, billers and e-commerce players.


We also supply a number of products to banks and retail chains, with solutions that include electronic payments and Point of Sale solutions. Cassava sells, implements and supports Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) switching systems with Postilion as the flagship product. Over 60,000 POS terminals have been deployed in a number of markets.

Products and Services


Our Partners and Merchants
International Remittances

Tailored solutions for Africans in the diaspora to send money back home.

Cassava has both first-mile and last-mile remittances play, meaning we have capabilities in both send and receive markets. In the UK and South Africa, both major source markets for remittances to Africa, we operate full-fledged remittance businesses helping channel millions of dollars in international transfers to Africa. Further, we work with a number of major international money transfer partners ensuring that we are able to offer remittances to Africa from all major source markets including US, Canada, Europe and Gulf countries.

We offer unique solutions such as the Home Wallet, which essentially allows Africans in the diaspora to open mobile money wallets back home, and to send money into these wallets (remittance), funds which they can use to perform all use cases as if they were home. This has been one of our most successful products, giving senders unparalleled levels of control, convenience and security.
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