Mobile e-commerce solutions, namely Online Classifieds and E-Store, which come with payment integration and delivery services. Our mobile solutions are designed to facilitate trade through buyers and sellers by offering a convenient, safe, and secure online transactional environment. In addition to online payments, we offer Pay Protect , which is an escrow service designed to protect both buyer and seller. Cassava On-Demand services completes the overall value proposition by offering quick, secure and efficient delivery services.

Online Classifieds

Ownai Classifieds is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers, with a strong focus on promoting small businesses and growth of the informal sector. Our value proposition is supported through the provision of a platform that allows buyers and sellers to transact in a safe, secure and convenient manner.

  • Ownai developed the Kwese TV eStore platform, Africa’s newest and fastest-growing pay TV service. Our model involves delivering white-labelled eStore platforms for MNO’s , retailers and other parties.


  • The Kwese eStore platform allows customers to buy satellite dishes, set-top boxes/ decoders, accessories and even pay subscriptions from the comfort of their homes.
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