Technites are trained and certified technicians that are deployed to customer sites on an on demand basis. They offer flexible resources through an Uber-like technological platform. The Demand Service Company earns a commission on amount billed to the customer for the work done. The main services offered include the following amongst other things:

• Technites: Installation (DTH & FTTH) Maintenance and Repairs (ATM, Plumbing, Electrical repairs)

• Salesnites: Specialised sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) personnel that will help you generate and convert leads to convert to sales.

Ride Hailing

A Ride Hailing solution that moves people from one point to another through the use of cell phone based App that links the drivers and the clients. Our solution is an on-demand mobile and web application focusing on moving goods and people from one point to another. Requests are paired with the most suitable driver taking into account distance to customer as well as driver rating.

Depending on the country of launch, we tailor our solution to accommodate either car hailing or motorcycle hailing, with the latter being popular in many parts of Africa. While the predominant model is transportation of people and goods, we have also developed service for the delivery of parcels and letters on the same platform.

Haulage Services
  • The KariGO App is a technology based solution platform that connects a Cargo and truck owner closing the supply chain gap as well as solve the problem of ” zero backhaul”.



Tasknites are researchers that improve how companies and organisations serve their stakeholders. They collect and provide key information in real time, which allows clients to act on current intelligence while it is still valid. The main services offered include Retail Audits, Secret Shopping, Consumer Experience Surveys, Market Research and General Data Collection