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This is us

Cassava Smartech is a diversified smartech group, with a mandate to use digital solutions to drive socio-economic development, and to improve the overall quality of life for all Africans. We are on a transformational mission, and envision a future whereby our solutions are able to touch every life, bringing positive impact particularly to the millions of previously excluded Africans through provision of stable financial service with high level of integrity.

Cassava Smartech has evolved from a Fintech operation (primarily Mobile Money) to a full-fledged smartech business, constantly tapping into new opportunities to address everyday challenges through innovative, inclusive, stable and reliable digital solutions. Today, we have established a balanced portfolio of distinct, yet highly synergistic business pillars, namely FinTech, InsurTech, Social Payments, On-Demand Services, e-Commerce, AgriTech, HealthTech and EduTech. The diversity and integrated nature of the business is what makes Cassava Smartech’s business model truly unique.



We envision a socially and financially inclusive future that leaves no African behind.


We improve overall quality of life by offering access to social and financial services through technology.



Experiment and explore, venture outside the boundaries of familiar.


Actively seek to disrupt and confront the status quo.


Envision the future. Sensitive to external realities in light of this networked global world

Our Strengths


Synergies both within Cassava and other Econet Group entities


Proven experience and track record in scaling up FinTech operations in Africa. Management experience 100+ years

Big Data Analytics

Unparalleled access to big data sources, leveraging own and 3rd-party networks across Africa


Unique/ award-winning innovations that address customer needs, e.g. Home Wallet, Savings Club


World-class technical platforms, designed to leverage latest technologies

In-house R&D capabilities

Strategic Partnerships

Exclusive licensing arrangements with best-in-class global Tech companies

We deploy and scale up new innovations in partnership with MNO’s across Africa


Rich ecosystem of partners connected to our digital platform– banks/ agents/ merchants/ aggregators

Integrated Business Model

An unmatched portfolio of integrated and inter-related SmarTech products and services